Toolbox of Faith: Serving with a Smile

It is hard to build something without the right tools. In this special series, we will be filling our toolboxes with tools that help empower us to build lasting faith. Each week, we will be sharing helpful reflections and resources here on our blog. We are so excited to see what God might build!

Kicking off our series, Pastor Matt shared with us about the incredible tool of service. You can listen to the whole message here or an abbreviated version in this week’s Morning Drive.

Quotes to Consider:

  • “Tools, however, are only helpful if we take them out of the toolbox and put them to use.”

  • “In the midst of life with all of its ups and downs, I am here to remind you that God leads you to joy and meaning through helping others.”

  • “Ordinary people have an extraordinary impact every single day. Our actions toward one another have an impact and can shape the lives of others, often simply because we do what is in our power to help them.”

Week 1Q square.jpg

Question of the Week:

Pastor Matt reflected on an act of service that was done for him. While it occurred many years ago, it still has had a profound impact on him. Take a few moments to reflect on this week’s question. Consider discussing it with a friend over a cup of coffee or around the dinner table with your family. If you are on social media, take a moment to share your answer with us. Let us all be inspired by one another’s stories of service!


Looking to explore the tool of service a little more this week? Check out these great resources.

1. Sign up today for Feeding Thousands- This is a great event hosted right here at Saint Luke. All ages can participate in packaging meals that help local food banks.

2. Use your voice as an advocate- Our voice is a powerful tool and one that we can use to help those in need. Many organizations have opportunities for volunteers to get involved in advocacy.

3. Learn more about Appalachia Service Project - This trip occurs annually at Saint Luke and is an incredible way to serve by helping make homes safer, warmer, and drier. Check out the website to learn more or better yet connect with someone who has participated. They have so many stories to share about their adventure with the tool of service and actual tools!

4. Get inspired- Listen to “Do Something” by Matthew West. Let his word’s inspire you as you consider who in your life you can serve.