Toolbox of Faith: Its OK to not be OK

As our series “Toolbox of Faith” concludes, we reflect back on the great tools we have placed in our toolboxes and the ways they can be put to work in our daily life. In this final week, we are reminded that we are not meant to be alone in the work of building lasting faith. Together, with God and one another, we are sure to build something great!

Week 3 Title.jpg

This week, Pastor Sue reminds us that often our most important tools are not even in our toolbox- they are the people we call when we need help. You can listen to the whole message here or an abbreviated version in this week’s Morning Drive.

Quotes to Consider:

  • “The more closely entwined with our image or sense of self, the harder it is to say we’re not ok, and ask for help”

  • The God who created us to need help from one another is with us to help us ask for it.”

  • “Humility and courage are the two necessary attributes that enable us to admit things are not ok, ask for help and receive it.”

  • “You were created to need help as well as to give it.”

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Question of the Week:

Pastor Sue asked us to consider with this week’s question. She reminds us that until we identify the barriers, we can’t develop strategies to get around them. If you need someone to process this question with, consider reaching out to a pastor, counselor, or friend. Together, we can learn to both accept and give help to one another.


Looking to dive deeper into the tool of expectations this week? Check out these resources:

1. Find a Listening Ear - You can always talk with one of our pastors. It is also possible to connect with a Stephen Minister, a trained lay person who becomes a confidential companion on your faith journey. Stephen Ministers don’t give advice, but listen, pray and with you look for signs of God’s presence. If you are interested in Stephen Ministry, talk with one of the pastors. If you do not live near Saint Luke, consider reaching out to a local church, a friend, or a counselor for support.

2. Seek Help with Sexual Assault - the National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.HOPE is always available to talk your call. You can also find a large variety of support online.

3. Remember the Benefits of Help - Sometimes we need a little reminder of all of the good that can come from asking for help. Check out this post to remind yourself of all the benefits.