Toolbox of Faith: Two Cents Worth

Two Cents Worth.jpg

Special guest, Pastor Larry Smoose joined Saint Luke last month to discuss the important topic of finances and how we can help our children develop healthy, faith-based attitudes about money.

Quotes to Consider:

  • “Jesus talked more about money than any other topic except heaven (kingdom of God)…When people got to know Jesus and hear his teachings, their attitude about money often changed.”

  • “God understands that money is neither good nor evil, but has the potential for both.”

  • “Our culture’s mantra about money is spend, spend, spend…Newest. Biggest. Better. More! Christianity’s mantra about money is save (Joseph principle -7 good years, 7 bad years so save), share (II Cor. 9:8), & spend (You will have enough – sufficiency).

  • “Our example of generosity, sufficiency and living within our means teaches our children and youth. They learn by our example.”

Question of the Week:

Pastor Larry asked those at his forum to complete a personal money autobiography. In doing so, they reflected on what they want their children to know and think about money. They also considered how the church can help them with money issues and concerns. Here are the questions he posed:

  1. Did you parents talk about money when you were growing up?

  2. How were your attitudes and behaviors about money shaped by your mother, father or grandparents?

  3. How does your present financial status compare to that of your parents at this time in their lives?

  4. If applicable, how does your children’s financial status compare with yours when you were their age?

  5. How does your faith guide you in your use of money?

  6. What do you want your children to know/think about money?

  7. What will you do with your money as you approach the end of this life?

  8. How can the church help you with any issues or concerns you have about money?


Looking to dive deeper into the topic of finances with your kids and students this week? Check out these resources:

1. Explore the ELCA Resources “Kids, Money, & Stuff” - Looking to learn as a family or maybe with a group? Check out the ELCA resource, “Kid’s, Money, and Stuff.” Not only is there a printable participant guide, but there is also a leaders guide to help you shape the experience.

2. Get a 3 Stage Piggy Bank - Consider making or purchasing a three section bank system for your kids. As they earn or receive money, they can see the three separate areas and designate their money as share, save, or spend. A simple search online will result in many options for various age ranges.

3. Look for a course on finances for your teen - Some schools and communities offer programs specifically on managing finances for teenagers. Adolescence is a great time for young people to learn about things such as handling money, banking, credit cards, phone financial apps, etc. Can’t find one locally? Check out Thrivent for educational articles in their magazine, local workshops, and invaluable information for all life stages.