Walk, Pray Bond

A group of St. Luke's members meet every weather-acceptable Wednesday for a walk at Wilson Farm Park in Chesterbrook.  Start time is 9:30 a.m.  There is a short devotion, then we walk, as many laps (once around is 1.3 miles) as our individual stamina/time/interest allows.  Some walk fast; some walk slow(er).  Whatever your preferred pace, you’ll fit in.  Please join us.  Contact Beverly Dotter at 610-889-2025 or bev266@aol.com for information.  Pets are welcome to walk with us.  While we are joining Pastor Ericsson on her #SabbathWalk, we will use the weekly devotions for the summer.  



BreadCrumbs takes its name from a passage from the writings of Martin Luther
We are all beggars at God’s table. We are not worthy to gather up the crumbs under that table, but nonetheless God invites us to take and eat the morsels of the bread of heaven and to drink from the cup of salvation. When we beg, God cannot help but take notice. The only problem is that we are too proud to beg. Maybe we should be as strange and bold as to ask, ‘Can I have your scraps?’ In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  

WHO WE ARE:  Right now, we have about 20 people total. There is ALWAYS room for more!  We are singles and couples who meet every month or so to share a meal, great conversation and some laughs. 

1st & 3rd Fridays of the month, 6:30pm
Hong Garden Chinese Restaurant - Paoli
For any who would like to be part of a group that meets every month or two to share a meal or snack for fun and fellowship, there are new groups waiting to be formed; we’re sure of it! Those of us who have been enjoying the meals this year would be eager to help anyone who’s interested in starting new groups! 

Other groups forming:

A group for parents with kids - the parents can enjoy spending time together while the kids enjoy an activity. 

A group that meets during the day, for those who prefer not to travel at night. 

Please feel free to contact Lynne or Kathie with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to including St. Lukans, friends and neighbors in Bread Crumbs groups. 

Lynne York 484-367-7698 lynneyorkpa@gmail.com
Kathie Herbster 610-644-9190 kathleenherbster@msn.com