Baptism is a joyous event! Through this sacrament God makes us members of the community of faith, the Church; grants forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life.


Who Can Be Baptized? 
Baptism is for infants, children, teenagers and adults who have not been baptized previously. Children and infants are brought by parents or guardians who promise to raise them in the faith. Older youth and adults come to baptism as a way of responding to God’s love for them shown in Jesus. 

Are There Requirements? 
Older youth, teens, adults must attend a pre-baptism class with one of the pastors and be worshipping regularly at Saint Luke. Infants and children must have parents or guardians who worship regularly at Saint Luke, or who are planning to become part of the worshipping community. Grandchildren or other relatives of Saint Luke members may be baptized if the parents are active in a Christian congregation and participate in a pre-baptismal class with the pastor. 

Where are Baptisms celebrated? 
Baptisms are celebrated in the context of congregational worship so that the family of faith can welcome new members. Baptisms are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Please contact the church office at 610.688.0122 or email us for upcoming dates. 

Is There A Fee? 
Absolutely not!